Thursday, 24 September 2015


I have changed. Lately. I was inspired to change the way I was living, and this included in getting a new job.

For the past 3 weeks I have cut out all junk food from my diet, this includes everything that is not whole grain or whole meal food. I only eat natural and organic food, so that I know every single ingredient that is going into my body. I am not denying my body of any food if I am hungry, I am just eating the right foods which have so much nutrition in it rather than eating the wrong food which has nothing in it.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love fizzy drinks and crappy food. It's just easy and tastes pretty good. But I think as people we attach too much emotion to food, as you should only eat if you are hungry not to feel better. I am guilty of this, when the notebook is on the TV all you want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with your favourite people, eat crappy food and cry. (I'm making myself sound so good right now).

My diet now is full of substitutions of food that I used to 'love'. So instead of those fizzy drinks I'll have a glass of sparkling water with a load of different fruit in it, which hydrates me faster and tastes so much better.
I have also substituted milk with almond milk and butter with almond butter. They both have so much more flavour. The only bread I eat is rye bread, at the moment I am trying biona quinoa and rye bread, which tastes so good. The ice cream that I now have is Booja Booja and it tastes so much better than any ice cream I have ever tasted but it only has 4 ingredients in it and is quite good for you as it is vegan and gluten free. I haven't really made any more substitutions, but if any new food comes up that I love I will definitely let you know.

I am also a snacker. I am nearly always picking at some food, but I prefer to continuously snack at small things rather than have a few big meals. So for snacks I now have rice cakes with almond butter on, again the biona brand for rice cakes is really good and healthy for you. Popcorn, I love popcorn, obviously if you make this yourself its healthier, however shapers at boots do a really good snacky bag of popcorn.  Fruit, blueberries are such a good snack before and after dinner, and they go great in this new healthy pancake recipe I have just found. (I will do a blog post about that nearer February). One desert type snack that I do like doing is baking apple slices with nutmeg and some ginger Booja Booja ice cream. It tastes so good and is HEALTHY for you, which I am struggling to understand.
I had to find a new job due to this lifestyle change as I used to work at Eds Easy Diner. Which is a great place to work and I love the team I worked with, definitely have made some friends for life whilst I have been there. But it got to the point where I wasn't proud of what I was doing because my lifestyle didn't match that of Eds Easy Diner. So I handed my notice in and now my last shift is on Sunday. However it's not all doom and gloom because I found a new job (wahooo yeahh!*insert round of applause here*).  I am now a waitress at this restaurant/ cocktail bar called NOVI. This is an amazing place to work as the motto is about thoughtful food and drink, everything there is natural and organic. I'm just very proud to work there.
Anyways I have rambled on long enough, just thought I would give you an idea to what I will be posting about my health and lifestyle as its all very 'LA' at the moment.
I will definitely do a 'What I eat in a day post/video'.
Lauren xx


  1. That was actually rather interesting, I could see stacey all over the ideas and recipes uve got. Ill defo have to try that pudding looks yummy :) See ya soon xMartManx

  2. Haha thanks. I'll give Stacey my chocolate and banana smoothie and my healthy pancake recipe, it is so good! see you soon for your birthday!