Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Day.

Yesterday wasn't a normal Saturday as I had the weekend off?! Which never happens. Ever.

I went to the O2 arena in London, to see.....*insert drumroll here* One Direction. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and will skip this post but others might have a bit of interest about my day.

Two hours. It takes two hours (roughly) to travel from Royston, all the way to the O2 arena. I travelled and went to the concert with my lovely sister Ashlee. We both have a love for the one and only Mr Harry Styles, I thought she had more of a love for him than I did, but after that concert wow, its changed. (I've always thought it's weird that people can love celebrities without even knowing them personally, as they're just humans with an insanely large amount of money. I obviously have too much time on my hands to think about this.)

We were pretty early to the good ol' concert, I would put typical Cambridge girls style, but no we're usually late for everything! So this was a nice surprise. I did not eat before we ventured off, so we made a quick stop to Nandos (yes I was about to call it 'cheeky Nandos'). Still sticking to my healthy lifestyle, I had corn on the cob, Nandos chicken (medium, yes I do judge guys if they go any lower than a medium) and sweet potato wedges. They have a new Quinoa salad on their menu which I am really excited to try out soon.

After the not so cheeky Nandos, we went to the O2 Priority Lounge, which I always make sure I go in every single time I visit the O2. If you don't know what O2 priority is, it's basically anyone who has a phone under the phone company 'O2' get to go and chill in this swanky lounge. Tonight they already had live music on, Dani Sylvia (@danisylviamusic) she has an incredible voice, and it was an amazing start to the night. (Here is a link for more details as I am really bad at explaining: You do feel a little bit like VIP when you're in there and it's just a lot of fun.

After our time in the priority lounge, it was time to head on over to our seats. And because we were in the priority lounge you get your own private lift to where you need to go, with your very own 'host' in there. It's just awesome. When your on level one there is also an 'O2 Blueroom Bar' which is basically like the priority lounge, just a bit smaller. At this point we were still so on time and early (still quite a weird situation for us to be in). We couldn't wait for the show to start.
Jamie Lawson was the supporting act and he was the first person signed to Ed Sheeran's new label. He's crazy talented and had a story for every song he played which was so cool to hear. Especially when he mentioned to a huge crowd of screaming girls how when he was in sound check for the next song he was about to play. 'The entire arena was empty, except for Mr Styles who was sat right over there, very weird.' At this point chaos emerged from where he pointed to (quite funny to watch).

8:50pm.....Finally One Direction come on stage and I wish I could replay the entire night again, it was just indescribable. I have a small video of my favourite bit of their new single 'Drag me Down', which I will add to this later.

Ashlee mentioned to me after the concert that it was the last time we'd probably ever see them live and I didn't get emotional but it's crazy to think about.

Enough with the rambling, next week I am doing, 'What I Eat in a Day' and I will include my healthy pancake recipe.

Lauren xx

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