Thursday, 7 April 2016


So I am going to do a bit of an update post about what I have been up to recently. I got accepted to University, so I am in the process of doing the stressful bits of accommodation and student finance (both are a bitch). I also have a full time job at Topshop, but it's pretty chilled and it means I don't have to look for a job when I am at uni, just thinking of that 60% off.

I haven't had a vocal lesson since the 17th  March and I am feeling it. Around Easter I am nearly always just a bit off but music lets me chill out and just generally calms me down, it's my yoga. And not having a lesson in quite a while is just stressing me out. A lot. I am also teaching myself to play the piano, fun times ahead. I get really frustrated with myself incredibly easily, so I am going more insane than usual. The good thing about all of this is that I'm writing hoorah! something good.

I AM BACK TO EATING HEALTHY.....after a little bit of time off, I'm back to my healthy eating, yummy. So tying along with this I thought I would do a mini haul blog about my healthy snacks, yummmmm.

These are SAVSE (sav-say) juice drinks. They are incredible if you do not have much time during the day to juice your own drinks, these only have the ingredients stated in them, no preservatives or anything t's all natural. AMAING. I live by these. You can get these from Boots, which is where I get mine as they're only £2. The flavours they sell at boots, is SUPER RED, SUPER PURPLE, SUPER GREEN AND SUPER ORANGE, all of these flavours I have tried and love (even though I was a bit hesitant about the green juice, however it is very refreshing).

I also went to my local farm market were everything healthy they sell is natural and organic. Rude Health is my favourite brand for cereal and almond milk, it is just so good for you and the company really cares about what they're selling. I purchased Rude Health Super fruity museli and Rude health honey granola (mix these two with almond milk and berries and it is heaven). I have heard a lot of good things about tea pigs so I wanted to try it out and I purchased the green tea, as I am trying to come off the coffee (it's really difficult). I  then got some extra virgin olive oil as this and coconut oil is the only thing I use and some balsamic vinegar. I then purchased fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette, and rocket. I love a courgette salad with mint, chilli and lime juice it is literally my favourite thing to eat at the moment.

I am slowly trying to go vegan, I don't eat much dairy other than cheese so I am testing alternatives for the moment for that. I also am not eating meat, other than fish and I will slowly be replacing that soon. If you are wondering why I am doing this just look at what you are putting in your body, it really is not good for you, especially dairy. The dairy industry is so disgusting and it is never reported. The fact that there is cow blood and pus in milk, cheese, yogurt, anything that comes from a cow and it is still legal as there's a limit for the cells. It just is not right. Also the way animals are treated in the 21st century is just despicable.

~Lauren xx

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